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Enjoying music and participating in it’s creation can be a most wonderful pastime. When you are seeking the best school around Napa Sonoma, you need look no further than the Napa School of Music. Napa School of Music is not a retail store. Providing only the the finest world-class music instruction is their only mission, not selling you guitars, pianos and the like.

At Napa School of Music, they take that mission very seriously. That is not to say that the business of teaching you all the specialized techniques of playing an instrument or singing is not fun because it is great fun! It just means that at the Napa School of Music, you will learn the best practices for performing like a seasoned professional!

The discipline of being great at playing an instrument is multi-faceted. There is the technical understanding of music and there is the ability to execute the coordination needed to articulate the instrument. At the Napa School of Music, you get it all! Their proven lesson plans get you results fast! They pay careful attention to your progress and know just the right moves to get you up and playing right away, learning and excelling with every lesson.

The Napa School of Music also mixes just the right amount of technology with theory so that you can really max out each lesson, even record it and take it over again! You can also learn how to use the technology to notate the music, compose songs even work on recording your own hit! Folks in and around the Napa Sonoma area are truly fortunate to have a world-class music school right in their backyard! The Napa School of Music!


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