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Teaching Music Lessons since 2005 !


Thank you for your interest in teaching positions with Napa School of Music.

If you are interested in applying for a teaching position after reading this page or viewing our website please email or mail your resume to:

Mail: Napa School of Music
4032 Maher Street
Napa California 94558

No Phone Calls or Drop-ins Please. Only suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview.

School Background

The Napa School of Music is a privately owned music school that was founded in 2005. We are the North Bay’s largest music school with approximately 400 students attending weekly classes from 15 teachers. We offer private music lessons to all ages from 5 years and up. We also have a group music & movement class for ages 0-7, a rock and acoustic band program we call Garage Band 101.

About 80% of our students are between 5 and 16 years old.  We welcome adult students who make up the remaining 20% of our students.

We realize that most of our students will not become professional musicians. We strive to provide a fun but educational environment with well-organized administration and first-rate equipment and facilities.  We, of course, offer the serious musician a path towards making music their career as well.

We offer Music Recording 101 for Adults and Kids and Summer Camps for kids.

Why teach with us?

Here are reasons why music teachers choose to teach at our school over all other choices:

1. A constant flow of new students to keep schedules as full as possible.
Over the course of the year, students can come and go for a myriad of reasons.  This can leave a teacher with gaps or holes in their schedule.  Most music schools only advertise in late August and September for new students.  We think differently.

2. We advertise year-round.
At Napa School of Music we do advertising and marketing year-round to keep our teachers’ schedules as full as possible. Each year we advertise in newspapers, magazines, Internet, direct mail, community publications and other media to constantly attract new students.  We are also privileged to have a significant portion of our students who come to us through referrals because of our excellent reputation as a high-quality music school.  We are continually registering new students for even during typically slower registration month such as June and July.

3. Extras are taken care of – your only responsibility is to teach.
We have full-time front desk administrators to handle all of the details of enrollment and customer service. From scheduling to collecting fees, these details are handled by our administrators not the teachers. This means the teachers are free to focus on what they do best, teaching and sharing their love of music.

4. Your time is respected and you are paid whether or not students show up.
Teachers are paid for lessons whether students attend or not.  If a student misses classes for school trips or holidays or simply fails to show up, the teacher is still paid.  Our priority for our teachers is to make sure that your time is not abused and your teaching day can be as productive as possible.  We want you to have a consistent income you can count on.

5. Be a part of a talented musical community.
As one of our teachers, you will instantly be part of a musical network of other like-minded musicians and music teachers.  This is a great resource for help with new ideas about teaching, opportunities for collaboration and gigging outside of the school. Many of our teachers met through Napa School of Music and end up in each other’s bands, recording on various side projects, getting gigs and becoming best friends.

6. Our own professional facility.
Located on the campus of Napa’s only private high school, Justin-Siena, our facility is a freestanding 5,000 sq. ft. building fully equipped with iMac computers, digital pianos, a baby grand piano, drums, amplifiers and P.A. equipment, everything needed to provide the highest quality music lessons in the 21st Century.  Since 2010 we have been providing the musical instrument and choir programs for Justin-Siena High School.   We also hold our twice-yearly recitals in our own building, where we have control of the environment and students are able to perform in the space they are familiar with.  For a view of our school, click here.

Please contact us at   Include a cover letter explaining what you are looking for and why you would be a stellar addition to Napa School of Music.

We look forward to talking with you and collaborating with you to share your love of music.

Best wishes,

Ralf Lindner

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