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Garage Band 101

Kids GarageBand 101

Adult GarageBand 101

What is Garage Band 101?


Garage Band 101 is an exciting and fun pop/rock/contemporary band program that takes students through the experience of rehearsing and playing in a real band including performing at their own concert.


Each student is placed in a group of their peers and coached every week by one of our experienced instructors – who are themselves performing musicians.


The bands learn a number of cover songs within a theme which changes with each session. For example, in previous sessions we have covered songs from The Beatles, AC/DC & Led Zeppelin, 1980’s, The Rolling Stones/Pink Floyd/The Who, Rocks Greatest Hits, The New Millennium, Summer Rock, California Rock and many more.


The students and the instructors work together to pick out songs from the current theme that they like.


Why does my student need private lessons to be in Garage Band 101?


The Garage Band 101 program, developed at the Napa School of Music, noticed that students progressed much faster in their chosen instrument when they also were preparing for rehearsals and a live performance.


The combination of the private instruction and the group experience has a way of accelerating students’ learning and increases their retention of the music they are working on in a fun and creative way.


The private lessons and GB101 work synergistically.


In the private lessons, students learn the details of their specific part of each song. Then in the band rehearsals, the students learn how to play their part within their band, by playing in time, in tune, memorizing the song’s arrangement, dynamics, overall sound, and performance skills.


Kids GB101 Rehearsals:

Spring Session of Kids GarageBand

Rehearsals are 90 minutes, once a week for 12 weeks.

Spring session of Kids GarageBand starts the week of January 15, 2024

​Concert Date: Saturday, April 13. Show starts at 5:00PM
Concert Location: Moose Lodge,   3275 Browns Valley Road, Napa

Tuition: Full tuition for the session of Kids GarageBand 101 is $725 or $1450 for 2 students.

10% discount for paying in full at the start of the session.

​Discount price for paying in full for one student is $652.50.

15% discount for 2 or more immediate family members (only one discount applies). 

​Discount price for paying in full for 2 students is $1,232.50.

You may also pay in 3 payments of $241.66 for one student or $483.33 for 2 students.

 PLEASE NOTE: Tuition is non-refundable once you are confirmed in a band.

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