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Music lessons for children of different ages can be a fun experience. It can also help the children’s mental, physical and emotional development. At Napa School of Music, we offer pre-school music lessons that in addition to aiding a child’s development can help build their self-esteem. But in order for children to enjoy the full benefits of music lessons below are tips for their parents:

Music lessons should be age-appropriate

While all ages are likely to enjoy music lessons, the complexity of the music lesson should depend on the age of the child. Children aged between 2 and 5 years can learn music by use of folk songs that are universal and familiar to just about anyone. They can also be allowed to play basic instruments used in the accompaniment of songs. To learn rhythm, the students can use things like dance, clapping, drama and movement.

Children aged between 5 and 7 can be introduced to the piano, which helps lay a strong foundation for future music ambitions in case it’s pursued further.  At the age of 8, children have fairly well developed hands and can be introduced to other musical instruments such as drums, wind instruments and the guitar.

From the age of 9 onwards, instruments which demand the player to have well developed lungs such as the woodwind and brass instruments can be introduced.

Patience is a virtue

It is natural for parents of children taking music lessons to want to see instant results in their children. But different children have different learning curves and emphasis should be on the progress being made consistently rather than on the time they have spent on it. And, if a child is taking slower than other children, avoid making comparisons.

Let your child choose

When signing up your child for music lessons, you may already have preconceived ideas on what kind of music you want them to learn or even the kind of instrument. But as they learn, they develop their own interests and not always in the direction you wanted. Don’t box them back to suit your preferences, but rather encourage them to grow in their chosen area.

For age-appropriate music lessons for your child, Napa School of Music is the best choice. Our record speaks for us.


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