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Being parents is hard enough physically and financially. But what is infinitely more difficult is the heartbreak of seeing your kids isolated, socially disinclined and with little to no friends. As lifelong parents, we have the responsibility of providing more than just our children’s basic needs. We also need to make sure they grow up as socially responsive and responsible adults. Here are three ways to hopefully boost your kids’ self-confidence and social skills.

  1. Set time limits to social media use. Ironically, social media is not a very healthy alternative to advancing one’s social life. Nothing can truly replace the old-fashioned way of meeting up with friends once or twice a week. More often than not, Facebook users that have hundreds or even a million Facebook friends actually have just a handful of friends in real life. Social media life is a far cry from actual social life. You don’t have to ban your kids from social media altogether. Placing reasonable limits will suffice.

  2. Encourage your kids to engage in outdoor activities more often. Again, confiscating their gadgets is uncalled for. You don’t want to be “uncool” and earn unnecessary hostility from your kids. In this digital age, it’s almost impossible to shield your young ones from exposure to modern gadgets. Just remember: Regulation is key. You can’t let the kids waste their entire summer by playing video games all day long. Let them enjoy the summer heat outside. Entice them to a game of street hockey. Buy them a bike, a scooter, a skateboard or whatnot, anything fun and enjoyable enough to pull their noses away from their gadgets.

  3. Let them try something new. A new sport or a new hobby may interest them. Learning a new instrument is another great idea to improve self-confidence and meet new friends. Try the Napa School of Music, a decade-old private music school located in the Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties.


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