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Studies show that people who can play a musical instrument can sometimes use more of their brains than people who do not. Besides, music is an excellent way to connect to people and create lifelong friendships. So why not learn a musical instrument today? Here at the Napa School of Music, we teach for every age group and every skill level, from the youngest beginner to the professional who wishes to improve.

Napa School of Music is the best of the best. There is no renting or buying instruments from Napa, which means they are free to do one thing and do it well: teach. With highly experienced professionals, they will teach for any and every skill level.

Another unique feature offered by Napa School of Music is the Apple Garageband camp. Apple’s Garageband program allows you to collaborate with other musicians and create something that is truly wonderful. The Napa School of Music utilizes this in a twelve-week camp for adults and children alike, wherein you work with several other people–of your same skill level!–to create from scratch several songs, which are then performed. These are some of the best kinds of concerts in Napa!

Rock concerts are not the only kind of performances that the Napa School of Music holds. There are also concerts, twice a year, where the talented students come and show off what they have learned. These concerts are highly professional, filled with amazing students of very different backgrounds and skill levels, all coming together to provide an amazing night of fun! Don’t forget, these concerts are open to the public, so if you’re interested, you can easily find out when the next one will be on the website.

From group classes to private, one-on-one lessons, from the oldest beginner to the youngest professional, Napa School of Music has something for everyone.


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