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Reasons to Consider Enrolling Your Child in Group Singing Classes

It is common for parents to enroll their children in various after-school classes to widen their interests and at the same time discover their innate talents and even improve them. If you are one of the many parents who is currently contemplating about what extra lessons your child can take, you may want to consider group singing classes considering that it can provide numerous benefits such as the following:

Combat Stress and Depression

Numerous studies support how music and singing help individuals reduce stress levels and induce feelings of relaxation. Apparently, singing increases the levels of oxytocin in the body, which is the chemical responsible for managing stress and anxiety. One particular study involving depressed subjects also showed how singing in a choir has significantly improved their condition and even helps them recover from depression.

Improve Respiratory Health

According to a study conducted by the researchers from Cardiff University, the expiratory capacity of the lungs and the voice of the patients with lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease, have significantly improved after participating in choir singing.

Develop Good Social Skills

Studies have found that people who participate in group singing significantly improve their social well-being. As group singing involve being and working harmoniously with a group, the improvement in their social skills level is likened among players who play team sports. Individual singing may improve one’s talent but being involved in group singing helps one to be a well-rounded person.

The various psychological and physical benefits mentioned above prove that group singing is not only fun and entertaining but extremely rewarding as well. If you want to enroll your child in group singing classes, get in touch with the talented people of Napa School of Music as they offer lessons true to their motto of “Building Self-Esteem Through Music”.


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