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Napa School of Music to Build Your Confidence If you are confident, you can also inspire others to become confident. You can do this with your audience, your customers, your bosses, your peers, and your friends. And as a person that is self-confident, when you gain other people’s confidence, this is when you truly become successful.

The good news for you is that you can learn and build your own confidence through music with Napa School of Music. Whether it is your own or other people’s confidence that you are working on, it is an effort that is definitely worth it.

About the School It is a private school of music that provides lessons for individual instruments privately. This includes voice lessons and classes with several themes for all ages.  Established in 2005 and now in our 14th year of function, it has already given thousands of lessons to families in countries of Napa, Solano, and Sonoma.  It is North Bay’s leading private school of music with about 400 students having weekly lessons from our 16 teachers who are qualified greatly.

All instructors at Napa School of Music are carefully chosen. Besides being friendly, they also are musicians having an educational attainment of B.A. in music or in various cases M.A. or Ph.D. They also have acquired their proficiency from the years of experience they have in teaching and performing. As teaching professionals, they are competent to teach either absolute beginners or even experts that are advanced. Most of them are qualified to instruct a number of theories, performance skills, and instruments. And to make sure that the environment is safe for your learning, the school required both desk staff and teaching employees to be background checked by the Department of Justice.

If you are thinking of learning the different styles of music like rock, flamenco, classical, metal, jazz, pop, and more, grab the opportunity from Napa School of Music at 4032 Maher Street Napa, CA 94558 or call 707-252-4040 for more of your questions or concerns. Learn your confidence now. Build it with Napa School of Music.


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