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Napa School of Music

The Napa School of Music offers music lessons for children and adults. It doesn’t matter what level you are. You can still learn how to play a musical instrument at any age. There are 20 musical instruments to choose from. If there has always been a musical instrument you always wanted to learn, this is the place to go. You can take group or private lessons. With private lessons, the highly qualified instructor will allow you to learn at your own level so that you can continue to progress. Students who are in a high school band will benefit from private or group lessons.

Students will feel more confident when marching in a parade and concert. Parents who want to learn how to play an instrument can play alongside their child. The focus of the school is to make each student confident when they’re performing, allow them to stay motivated throughout their musical journey, and increase their opportunities at school or other musical ventures that students are interested in.

Napa School of Music offers voice lessons as well. Some students want to be able to sing while they play their instrument. Students can learn to do both and perform at the recitals that are held twice a year. There are other opportunities for music students in Napa where they can build more confidence, such as performing at the Fourth of July celebration.

Students can learn how to read and write music using Sibelius software that is available in each teaching studio. at the school. You can record your lessons in video or audio format to view later on. Teachers can access the student’s account to provide personalized lessons for each student. Napa School of Music is the only school in the northern part of California to offer this service for students.


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