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The arts have always been important to the development of people young and old, and music is no different. It is one thing to listen to your favorite band, but playing like your favorite musician is another. If you have ever seen your favorite musician play, there is a passion there that is undeniable. That musician may not have started off with that level of passion, but it is something that helped fuel them to learn how to play their instrument.

You too can learn how to play a musical instrument you are interested in. You may not sound like your favorite musician (at first), but with a little time, patience, and practice you can be well on your way.

How You Benefit There are so many benefits to learning how to play an instrument. Yes, your goal can be so sound like Bruce Springsteen, but there are other benefits. It has been proven that people who learn how to play a musical instrument in their youth experience positive long-term cognitive benefits. Some studies have shown that learning how to play a musical instrument can be more beneficial to your abstract reasoning skills than gaining computer skills. Music is a well-known stress reliever for adults and children. It has been known to boost productivity in other places in one’s life, increase creativity levels and, of course, elevate your confidence. These attributes can enhance anyone’s life and it is all due to introducing music into your life.

Learning to Read Learning to read music is the next level of becoming proficient at playing your instrument. You are now familiar enough with the notes, sounds, and cords on the actual instrument that you will be able to look away from what your fingers are doing and begin to understand the music you are playing.


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