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Music for the Soul There is no doubt that music has a special place in everyone’s heart. It can be likened to the rhythm of life, something that caresses the soul deeply. At the Napa School of Music, the focus is not just on teaching people the art of music and how to make wonderful sounds. It goes much deeper than that: the aim is to bring the passion that founders Ralf Lindner long to spread to the world.

Carefully Chosen instructors There are brilliant musicians. There are also brilliant teachers. Some musicians however simply do not have the skills or the innate ability to teach. This is why the Napa School of Music focuses specifically on carefully-chosen, hand-picked instructors. Instructors are friendly and passionate about the subject they teach. They are also highly educated, with many of them holding a BA. Versatility is also key when it comes to Napa’s instructors. Most can play several instruments quite well. This means that students can get a well-rounded education from experts who are willing to share the passion of their craft.

Lessons at the Napa School of Music It is never too late to start learning something. If you are an adult who is interested in learning a musical instrument, then lessons at the Napa School of Music will provide for that. Lessons are offered on a host of the most popular instruments, as well as lessons in voice. Both beginners and advanced learners can avail of instruction. Learning music should be a passion for the student. However, it is equally important that it is a passion for the instructor. With this particular kind of passion, there is no telling what a student could achieve. Whether you’re interested in starting a new hobby or want to take on the music world by storm, the options are there.

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