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How To Make Money Out Of Music

Music is life or so it has been said. Gone are the days when parents only wanted their children to pursue white collar careers. Art and music are now highly appreciated and parents are willing to pay thousands on music, dance, and art camps. There however is a group of stereotypes who still fail to see music as a means of putting food on the table. Upcoming musicians often have a rough time and tend to be exploited. If you are wondering how to make money out of music, this is the article for you!

Concerts Concert tickets are a great way of making money for known musicians or bands. For starting out musicians, doing gigs on the streets or at parties and events go a long way not only in terms of making some change but also fame, experience and in terms of scouting opportunities.

YouTube Setting up a YouTube channel is a brilliant move. It is a chance to grow one’s fan base beyond one’s physical location. A channel opens musicians to sponsors who may help with recording or branding. It is also a great way to get booked for events. On top of that, in cases where a certain channel has so many views, You Tube starts paying for consistent updates. The best thing about all this is the fact that opening a YouTube channel is absolutely free.

Forming A Band Whether you start with a garage band or join an already established band, being part of a brand will make your career. Pick a couple of musical friends or go for auditions held by bands. Bands get a lot of money through playing at concerts, in coffee shops, at parties, for brands, during fashion shows or major events. The opportunities a band presents are beyond limit. Add this to the fact that you will not only make money, you will also get a chance to grow and perfect your skills, maybe even learn to play new instruments.

Partnerships Musicians are approached by hundreds of brands for partnerships and this is a great way to get money. Some brands will pay for a musician to sing about their brand, to use a musician’s song in an advert or to use the image of the musician. They will also pay to have you advertise their brands to your fans via your social media. Upcoming musicians can approach the brands themselves for partnerships. Being a brand ambassador or the face of a brand is a chance that happens rarely but pays handsomely.

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