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You might have heard it somewhere that music is life; that music is the language of angels etc., all of this is true. Music is a part of who we are. It has been there since the beginning of time and will continue after we are all gone. Music is part of life because there is music for every emotion, circumstance or situation. There are times your thoughts have been taken back to a moment in your life just by hearing a song; that’s how powerful a song is.

Given our love for music, we have the Napa School of Music. This is a private music school that’s been teaching music for the last 10 years to people from the Napa, Solano and Sonoma areas. Our dedication and integrity has seen us grow over the years to accommodate approximately 400 students taking classes every week from a team of 20 highly qualified teachers.

Due to the ever increasing number of music schools around, you might be asking why you should choose us over our competition. This is why;

We focus on teaching

Unlike many music schools, our core focus is on teaching. Teaching is our only focus. We do not rent or sell musical instruments or the music itself. As such, we are better equipped to provide the highest quality of education.

We have the best teachers

As it has been said many times, to be the best you have to learn from the best. We have highly qualified teachers with years of teaching and performance experience. What’s more, our instructors make learning music fun and relatable. This way, you learn and retain content much faster.

Routine concerts and recitals

Concerts and recitals are important in learning music. This is because they help the students showcase what they have learnt and also builds up their confidence and experience so that they can perform better.


At the Napa School of Music, we have embraced technology so that we can get the best out of our students. All teaching studios are equipped with the latest Apple computers so that students can record their lessons, develop their own compositions and gain an advantage.

At Napa School of Music, we have something for everyone; from children to adults. Visit us today and get the tour of our facility. You will not be disappointed.


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