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Children and Music: Why Music is Important in Early Childhood Learning

Music brings out the best in people. It is the best way to express feelings and emotions. More than that, music is also one of the best tools in early childhood learning.

Napa School of Music offers music lessons for preschools called “Music Together”. As a private music school established with a strong foundation, they offer high-quality music lessons to families in Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties, not just to teens and adults, but also to children of preschool ages. Their Music Together lesson believes that every child can learn to sing in tune and keep a beat.

Having second thoughts about engaging your children to learn music? Music, as a special tool in early childhood learning, has wonderful benefits to children’s learning abilities and skills.

Music Improves Intellect and Brain Functions

Music is more than just tune and beat. In fact, children who are musically-inclined have improved intellectual skills and brain functions. Music is the best way to improve language development and it can also improve the child’s memory because it has a rhythm that activates the brain’s ability to focus and retain memories, hence the “Mozart Effect”.

Music Helps Children Understand Teamwork and Discipline

Through Napa School of Music’s preschool lessons, children will know the value of discipline, friendship, and teamwork. Their music lessons require discipline when singing and playing instruments. Although they also have private lessons, they encourage you to let your children come to classes and improve their social skills, thus learning the essence of teamwork.

Music: A Source of Self-Confidence

If your children are enjoying their music and enjoying the friendship and teamwork they built with the other participants, they will gain self-confidence and self-esteem that will allow them to believe in themselves.

Help your children understand the importance of music. Enroll them now at Napa School of Music!


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