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5 Intelligent Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Music Lessons Have you been considering enrolling your child in music lessons but are having trouble making your decision? Well, here are five of the most intelligent reasons why you should!

1. Music Lessons Build Self-Control and Self-Discipline Having the ability to play a musical instrument is not a minor achievement, and this feat takes improvement in self-control and self-discipline. Both of these traits are considered to be crucial for success in each area of your life. With more self-discipline, you will be better at everything!

2. Music Lessons May Raise a Child’s IQ Music lessons can actually boost your child’s IQ! Isn’t that impressive! I understand a high IQ is not the only sign of a successful life, but it is very important.

3. All Children Can Benefit to Some Extent from Organized Music Lessons Children of all ages, social background, and talent can benefit from music lessons. Regardless of your child’s abilities and interests, they can benefit.

4. Music Provides Long-Term Benefits Several things we learn in our life remain with us throughout, such as riding a bicycle. While your child may not remember every aspect of music, many benefits including the cognitive will stay with them through childhood and on into adulthood.

5. Lessons in Music Increase Numerous Skills You may believe that learning music only gives your child music skills. However, there are several areas that benefit a child in addition to having the ability to sing or play a musical instrument. Your child will benefit from these skills in many ways. The quality of life is improved for those who take music lessons because of the improvement they receive in their language, concentration, math, social skills, and more.

I’m sure that you are now sure that enrolling your child in music lessons is a wise choice. For more information, speak with us here at Napa School of Music.


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