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Why is it Important to Let Your Child Learn to Play a Musical Instrument?

Learning to play an instrument, to the point of fluency, can be immensely beneficial and rewarding. However, it requires patience, focus, and discipline. If you are wondering whether to make the investment and take your child to a music school, here are some of the benefits to help you decide.

Teach Persistence and Patience

To learn to play a musical instrument to the point of mastery requires patience and persistence. Your child will learn the importance of taking time to understand and learn. The experience is definetly rewarding. A teacher from Napa School of Music can help create benchmarks. Setting short term and long term goals helps students appreciate perseverance, as they get motivation from the fruits of their efforts.

Teach Culture and History

Music is an exciting way that children can learn about culture and history. In a music school, they will be exposed to a wide range of melodies from different times and spanning many cultures. Teachers can take full advantage, by taking time to explain the origin and nature of the different types of compositions.

Self Expression

In music class, students learn to play and compose pieces. They may also be required to work with their peers and play together as in a group or band. Learning to play instruments with peers can enhance social skills, and encourage young students to embrace positive self-expression. The students can gain much more, if they are taught these values in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Improves Other Aspects of Life

Learning to play an instrument can improve math skills and enhance the cognitive abilities for your child. Research suggests that test scores can improve, when children are exposed to music for a significant period of time. Additionally, brain imaging studies suggest that playing an instrument reinforce audio-motor connections in the brain. At Napa School of Music the classes are tailored to suit your child’s needs, so that they can derive all the benefits of learning to play pieces.


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