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Parents do not hesitate to encourage their kids to enroll in fun activities such as soccer, scouts, and baseball. However, some parents are skeptical about enrolling their children in private music classes. There are many reasons why parents should consider music classes.

Starting Early

It has been observed that infants can recognize music even when they are just a few days old. Our brains is wired to appreciate music. The earlier the music lessons start the better.

Some studies also indicate that musicians who took music lessons before the age of seven, have more advance motor skills. They also showed an advanced ability to play with precision. Therefore taking children for music lessons can be beneficial to a child in case they choose music as their career in the future.

When to Start

Most private lessons will accept children from age three and above. Younger children may not have the psychological and physiological development required to play instruments. Additionally, professional tutors usually craft their lessons to factor in the child’s stage of development.

Older children may learn music notes by reading directly from a book. A different strategy may be more effective for younger children. Such lessons may involve movement, chanting and play, depending on the age of the child.

Numerous Benefits

One of the benefits of taking your children for private music lessons is that it helps to develop their motor skills. It is even better when different instruments are involved; children develop their motor skills further using both hands and varying movements. Improved coordination and timing can prove useful in other areas such as dance and sports.

Group classes are beneficial to children as they help them learn the value of social skills early in life. They see the effect of their efforts in a bigger set up when playing music together.


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