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Ways to Help Your Child Practice Music

Your child expressed interest in learning music. You purchased an instrument and enrolled them in music school. However, the learning process goes beyond music lessons. It is crucial that they practice their instrument as well. Without this, lessons are a waste of time and money.

Become Involved

Some parents do not involve themselves in their child’s music lessons. The only involvement they have is dropping and picking them up from music lessons. Then there are other parents who encourage their children but not by being hands on. They feel their job is done if they hear the instrument played each day.

Yet, there are parents who play an active role in their child’s music lessons. These parents sit in on both the child’s music lessons and practice.

Beware of Overbearing

Becoming involved in your child’s music is needed for them to be their best. But, there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed. Some teachers have a preference that parents do not join them during music lessons. Respect this choice when you have a great teacher. You can request they record at least a small part for you to listen to later. Inform them it is your way to get involved in your child’s practice. The majority of teachers have no problem with this request.

Listen to Music Together

A child should be enthusiastic about music. The best way to accomplish this by them listening to it. Have them listen to any music genres they will learn, such as classical or jazz. But, listen together. Not only is this an opportunity to bond, you may find yourself enjoying new music as well.

Talk to your child’s music teacher about how they should be practicing. If they are not doing it correctly, kindly direct them in the right direction. Do not yell, or nag. Occasionally, it is fine for your child to not practice and play just for fun.


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