• Ryan Gagajena

Napa School of Music and Peter Sykes Director Await You!

If you have a love of music and are developing into a musician then you will love the experience you will get here at the Napa School of Music. The school was founded by Ralf Lindner in 2005. We have been successfully operating for 10-years now and have given thousands of music lessons to music lovers of all ages and levels.

Here at the Napa School of Music, you will get private or group lessons on just about every instrument in various styles of music. Learning music here is fun and students get the chance to learn in ways that they can’t get anywhere else. The teachers are friendly and teach students a love of music from their own passion.  The teachers here teach all levels of music, from beginner to experienced musician. All that matters is that the students have a love of music and is willing to learn and work hard.

There are lessons for adults and classes for children aged 0-5 as well, to learn about music. We understand about safety and want to promote a trust worthy and professional environment so all of our teachers are highly trained professional musicians, have a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD, and have all undergone a background screening.

We offer lessons on various instruments and teach in many different styles, we offer summer camp classes, garage band 101, private lessons, group lessons, preschools lessons, and singing lessons as well. Parents who send their kids here have been more than pleased with the results.  Their children not only learn how to play an instrument, they also become a member of the music community and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Parents have witnessed their children come out of their shells while performing on stage and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are proud of what we do and look forward to every day we get to spend doing and teaching what we love so much.

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