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There is something in the music we listen to that makes us feel different—some invoke happiness, while some can imply distress. Some music feels like home, and some makes us want to run away in anger. And there is music that answers questions in our heart, fills up the void in us, and has become a part of us. Be it a song, the sound of an instrument, a hum, or a whistle, there is something in music that pokes our soul.

Music—an escape from reality

Like a daydream that transports you to a place of happiness, sadness, and despair, music has the power to shut down reality and let you live in a another world where you want to be, where you want to recall the pain and joy. Simply by listening to a song in the radio, you’ll get these instant flashes of thoughts—bringing you back to where you first heard it, or a memory that is either sweet or bitter. While some people escape from reality through singing, some want music to totally devour them through playing an instrument.

Music as the perfect healer

For some people, music is an avenue to heal depression and anxiety. No matter how the listener responds to a particular genre or to a particular instrument when being played, there is no question that music has the power to uplift one’s troubled heart, relax a restless body and mind, reduce anxiety, and make the listener feel happy. Some people suffering from insomnia find solitude and solution through music.

Music as a universal language, as an art

Music creates harmony and binds people together in a very unique way. And through music, an emotion has been expressed and the heart’s true feelings have been communicated.

Music is probably the most powerful form of art. It is within you. When you play an instrument, when you sing a song, and when you listen to music. Develop your power to communicate and heal through music by attending to music lessons in Napa School of Music, a private music school, which has been operating since 2005.


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