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Music makes life happier. There’s no doubt about that. Life without it can be dull. Even a little baby can appreciate this fact.  But did you know that music not only makes you happy but healthy as well? Read on and find out about the health benefits of music.

  1. Certain music preferences help release dopamine, also called the feel-good chemical in your brain. This neurotransmitter is said to trigger our happy hormones. Music gives us the same pleasure experience as with chocolate. So if you’re on a diet and you’re craving for chocolate, make music your first option.

  2. Music works as the perfect brain stimulus to help in the development and improvement of visual and verbal skills. There have been cases of brain-dead people regaining consciousness simply by playing them their favorite music. Experts believe that certain music associated with significant memories is embedded in the mind. And by exposing patients with brain damage to music meaningful to them, neurological patterns in the brain can be drawn back to normal.

  3. Music is mental exercise, not only for the growing-up but also for the aging. Babies, grandparents and all ages in between will benefit from a healthy brain and sharp memory by listening to music regularly.

  4. Music keeps the heart happy and healthy. Studies show that music helps in the strengthening of the heart. It has also been observed that people with heart problems recovered more quickly with music on the side, their blood pressure and heart rates regulated. Music frees endorphins, which are crucial in improving vascular strength.

Music soothes and relaxes. According to research, music helps initiate the production of antibodies and reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that weakens your immune system, increases the potential of heart issues, and impedes learning and remembrance, and more.

Check out the Napa School of Music. Aside from enjoying the health benefits of music, you will also learn to build your self-esteem together with other music lovers.


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