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Here Is Why Music Transcends All Boundaries Some people believe that music will save the world and we agree with them. What other form of expression brings people together regardless of their gender, race, and sexual orientation? Something beautiful is born out of music and the soulfulness of it when it’s played, and this beauty transcends all barriers. Nothing in all of man’s lifetime can be as unifying as good music.

Different People, Same Emotions Play a sound to a group of people in Africa and then play the same to a different group in North America. Both groups are going to experience the same emotions as was discovered by two researchers from Canada. Music appeals to that part of the soul that knows no boundaries.

Dance and Be Merry If you played a danceable tune to a group of people, they would dance to it simply for the tune and not necessarily for the words. Matter of fact, only a handful of individuals, gets drawn to a song for the words. The majority will like it for what it makes them feel: calm, merry, or subdued in some instances.

No Brainer! Sometimes we think that certain genres of music are a reserve of a particular group of people. Classical music and The Algorithm, as well as other groups of thought-provoking and challenging categories, are said to only appeal to some people. If you introduced this music to people who didn’t know anything about it, they would most likely enjoy it regardless of their education level or background. What matters at the end is the emotion that the music evokes.

Don’t Waste A Beat Have you explored any new music genre lately? There are too many of them to be stuck on just the one you grew up on. Take your mind on a trip and explore as many genres as you can today.

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Sep 13, 2022

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