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Music is a fun, engaging experience at all levels. From the casual learner and the passionate listener, to the passionate learner and the casual listener, everybody can get something out of music. At the Napa School of Music, the casual become the passionate. Through engaging programs like summer camps, where you record your own original songs, to Garage Band 101, where you and a group of other people give a concert with four or six cover songs, to a capella classes where you learn how to create music like that featured in Pitch Perfect, to private one-on-one lessons for many instruments, including voice, the Napa School of Music has something for everyone.

The Napa School of Music isn’t limited to a single age group. All age groups, from preschool and younger to adult, can find a class aimed at them here. The whole family can take music lessons!

Not only are there biannual recitals at the Napa School of Music, there are other performances around the year, including student rock concerts every few weeks (for the Garage Band 101 programs).

With a motto like “Building self-esteem through music,” the school is almost assured to give a positive experience, and the many glowing testimonials prove that! The testimonials agree that the Napa School of Music is a wonderful place to have fun, to have some really great experiences, and learn or better skills that will last you a lifetime. Best of all, the instructors ask you what type of music you like to listen to, and they will teach you the kind of songs you like to listen to, which improves motivation in students. The Napa School of Music is a fun, learning, personal experience that aims to build confidence in everyone. What more could one want out of a music school?


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