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Looking for a wholesome, fun, and exciting summer activity for your child that they will never forget?  At Napa School of Music, we have summer camps and classes that your child will love!  From beginners to experienced musicians, our camps provide a fun and exciting learning experience that will keep your child entertained and keep their brains working. Not only during the duration of the class, but all summer long, as they practice and perform their newly learned skills.  We offer several types of camps during the summer, including Beginners’ Camp, Rock Camp, and Singing Camp.

In Beginners’ Camp, kids who are new to guitar, ukulele, piano, violin and viola will learn the basics of that instrument and by the end of camp, they’ll be able to perform several songs on their instrument.  Beginners’ camp is for kids 6-15, and we always place kids in age appropriate groups for the most conducive learning experience.

In Rock Camp, kids 9-17 will be put in age appropriate groups, and since they must already have a working knowledge of any instrument, they will be prepared as we guide them to write and record their own original song, complete with a music video of their creation.  They will also learn to cover at least a couple of popular rock songs.  With their new abilities, kids will be able to cover many more songs with practice, even after camp.

In Singing Camp, kids who love to sing, whether they have experience in school, at church, or just like to sing in the shower, will learn about the basics of voice performance in age appropriate groups.  They will be able to perform several songs they’ll learn in camp, and they will be able to apply their new talents to perform any song well.

Since space is limited in all of our camps, call us or register online today to reserve your little musician a space!


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