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Offering music educational opportunities since 2005, the Napa School of Music is a quality institution for learning the arts. The school was created to providing quality musical training to students from around Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties. The private school has twenty teachers and provides lessons to 400 students each week.

Carefully Chosen Instructors

When you choose to take private music lessons at Napa School of Music Napa, California, your instructor will be one of twenty that has been handpicked to provide the highest quality of learning in a given instrument, voice or themed class. Most of the teachers have a B.A. in music, with many having earned an M.A. or Ph.D in music as well. The teachers can provide training for all levels of education including beginners to the advanced musician.

Enrolling in Lessons

Children to adults are welcome to register for classes at the Napa School of Music in Napa. Private lessons can be scheduled for voice as well as popular musical instruments. One-on-one instruction allows the student to progress naturally, at their given pace, learning the best approach to musical techniques. Students as young as five years old can begin to learn a musical instrument, with lessons available for scheduling any time of year.

Showing Off Your Education

Several styles of music are taught at the Napa School of Music including jazz, pop, metal, classical and more. Most instruments are available for lessons including drums, cello, bass, keyboards and piano, among many others. To showcase what you have learned, the school hosts two recitals each year that are open to friends and family members at no charge. The events allow students to hit the stage and show off their new talent to loved ones.


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