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Discover What Napa School of Music Can Offer Your Family! Napa School of Music offers a variety of music programs and lessons for children of all ages to get involved in. If you are considering enrolling your child in music lessons, consider these benefits and contact Napa School of Music to see what type of lesson would be the best fit for your child.

Teaches Patience and Self-Control Music lessons can benefit your child by teaching them patience and self-control. When learning any new task, it takes a great deal of patience and discipline to stick with it. Chances are your child will not pick up the musical instrument of their choice and begin playing it with ease. He or she will need to put in the practice and dedication to learn how to play. The time it takes, as well as the commitment, is a great way to foster patience in your child, as they learn that some things take time to complete.

Improves Academic Performance Music lessons can also improve your child’s grades. Research has shown that children who play musical instruments or take voice lessons, etc. are directly related to brain development and can improve your child’s memory, attention span, and learning skills.

Encourages Creativity Another benefit of music lessons is that your child will be encouraged to be more creative. Music is an artistic expression, and by exploring the musical world more, your child will be more exposed to other forms of art and expression. He or she will develop a sense of creativity that will translate to all aspects of their life.

Increases Self-Esteem Finally, music lessons can help increase your child’s self-esteem. Every child should be involved in an activity that makes them feel proud and accomplished. Music lessons can give them something to look forward to and to be skilled at, thus boosting their self-confidence.


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