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7 Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument has numerous benefits which extend beyond the music room. And what’s more, it doesn’t matter what instrument you play at the Napa School of Music. Learn about the health benefits of playing an instrument.

  1. Improves Mental Performance

Playing music is equivalent to giving your brain a workout. It helps improve your memory and mental performance. Studies have shown that with the help of music, a patient’s brain can recover from a stroke.

  1. Refines Coordination

Using your hands, fingers, and feet repeatedly for a considerable period while at the same time being conscious of hitting the right notes can prove to be quite challenging even for a majority of coordinated individuals. Over time, however, playing music helps refine a person’s motor skills.

  1. Better Time Management

Learning to play an instrument needs practice, routine, and consistency. Finding a balance between your busy schedule and learning an instrument while really sticking to it will help you develop better organizational as well as time management skills.

  1. Regulates Moods

Research shows that music minimizes stress by reducing the cortisol levels. Playing instruments at alternate speeds helps to regulate your moods. Creating your personal music further acts as an emotional outlet where you can mold your tension, sadness, or joy into music.

  1. Enhances Listening Skills

Playing music requires you to listen intuitively. This allows you to know if you’re hitting the right notes which in turn results in better listening skills. This is an important aspect of fostering social relationships.

  1. Sharpens Reading Skills

To play an instrument, you have to be able to read and comprehend music. Reading and understanding the different musical notes advances both your apprehension and reading skills.

  1. Improves the Respiratory System

Whether you’re playing the flute, clarinet, or blowing any other wind instrument, one thing you have to master is breathing properly. Wind instruments require air vibrations to make music. This means, breathing efficiently and effectively go hand in hand with playing such instruments.


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