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The Napa School of Music, located in Napa California, provides private music lessons on over 20 instruments in all styles of music, Group Music Classes, Music Together® for children 0-5 years & Garage Band 101 for kids and adults


High Quality Music Lessons

The Napa School of Music is a high quality, one-stop solution for busy parents who can save time by scheduling side-by-side lessons for family members with highly qualified instructors on a large variety of instruments and voice including bass (upright & electric), cello. clarinet, drums, flute, guitar (electric & acoustic), harmonica, keyboards, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, violin, viola and voice.


Why Choose Us?

1. Focus On Teaching - All we do is teach. We do not sell or rent instruments or music. This leaves us free to specialize in one thing - providing the highest quality of music instruction.

2. Experienced Teachers - Our instructors are highly qualified and have extensive performance experience. Most importantly, our instructors strive to make learning music fun and to relate their teaching to each individual student's learning style.

3. Private Lessons - Private lessons ensure that the student has the undivided attention of the teacher and can progress at a level suited to them individually.

4. Regular Concerts and Recitals - Recitals and concerts are held twice a year. These provide students with performance experience and build confidence. Participation in events like the Downtown Napa 4th of July Celebration, The Napa Town and Country Fair and workshops such as our String Ensemble & Garage Band 101 program are also available.

5. Customer Service - Desk staff available during lesson times. It is important to choose a school that can assist you with details like schedules, even if a teacher is occupied in a lesson. Our school has office staff on hand during all regular lesson times, so you can get immediate assistance.

6. Technology - All our teaching studios are equipped with the latest Apple computers providing students the opportunity to read and write music using Sibelius notation software, record their lessons in audio or video format, develop their own compositions using Apple’s GarageBand program and much more. Teachers are also able to provide each student with individualized lesson materials via the student’s own account on a secure website called Lesson Mate. We are the only private music school in northern California to offer these unique features.

7. LessonMate - Adds value to your music lesson with personalized videos and instructional materials on a secure website account for every student.

8. Trusted by Justin-Siena High School - The Napa School of Music provides teachers for the band and choral program at Justin-Siena High School.

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