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Nothing beats the monotony of life more than music. Life without it is unimaginably dull. Music is like the color added to make an otherwise plain sketch more exciting and beautiful. It is the very self-expression of the soul. If you come to think of it, music is both coming from the soul and also food for the soul.

Music Inspires Oneness and Unity

Almost everyone enjoys one form of music or another, no matter what race, nationality, age, gender, religion and status in life.

Whether we notice or not, music somehow promotes brotherhood and oneness. The Beatles, for instance, was an internationally famous band with fans from all walks of life, whether rich or poor, British, American or Asian, young and old alike, and Catholic or otherwise. And there are so many other bands and musicians whose music has touched and moved people, deeply enough for them to set aside all differences. It’s so amazing to see concerts filled with all kinds of people with different personal, social and cultural backgrounds, and beliefs. Music truly does unite humanity. It transcends all disparity and simply brings people together, even for just a few fleeting moments.

Music is a Universal Language

Let’s take, for example, the violin. The powerful music, created by the violinist through his wonderful instrument, speaks for itself. With no lyrics, the violin’s music alone speaks directly from the violinist’s soul to the soul of the audience, be they American, Chinese, Korean, or Indian. Through music, we experience an understanding, an exchange of heart, a communion of souls.

Music endows special needs people with the generous gift of self-expression when certain physical inhibitions does otherwise. Music provides the outlet for their best-kept emotions that would otherwise drown and strangle them if left unexpressed. It boosts people’s self-esteem. It inspires and motivates.

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