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How to Properly Wax Your Car’s Exterior

How to Properly Wax Your Car’s Exterior

Waxing your car helps keep it looking sharp and attractive. It helps protect the paint from elements and airborne contaminants by having a protective coat. Waxing also prevents chipping that tends to occur in paint when the car is hit by flying debris. In addition, waxing helps fill in scratches by making them less noticeable. That said, how do you properly wax the exterior of your car?

Wax in Shade and In Small Sections

Although it is easier than you seek a professional waxing service, you can still do it yourself. Having an electric polisher can even make the job done faster and easier. You can also wax by hand and have fantastic results. When waxing, do it in the shade because direct sunlight makes the wax to cure and dry faster, something that can make it difficult to buff off. Do the waxing in small sections by completing one before you move to another. This helps avoid the wax drying up.

Think Thin

You may think that adding more wax is going to give a better shine. However, that’s not true, ensure that you apply a thin layer of wax so that it is easy to buff off. Should you want to have more shine, you can add another coat, however, ensure you know the time it takes for the first coat to dry before you can apply the second coat.

Use Microfiber Cloth

While other kinds of cloth or towels will leave behind lint, microfiber cloths are great for polishing your car. They won’t leave behind lint and make it easy for you to buff the wax. Ensure you have several towels so that you don’t use a wax-caked piece of cloth or towel.

If you don’t have the time to wax your vehicle, you can always seek professional wax services. PC Auto Detailing offers you various auto detailing services including waxing and car window cleaning or exterior cleaning of the car.

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